Freenote Cloth Answers the Franklin Five
March 30, 2020

Freenote Cloth Answers the Franklin Five

Our very first trade show was the Summer of 2016 in Las Vegas. Chris and I obviously didn’t have a clue how to find new brands. We started off approaching ones that we already had a personal history with, and then made it a point to talk to brands we only heard about at the trade shows. One of these brands was Freenote Cloth. We heard about them through this and that, but walking into their booth was impressive. They had these killer red leather couches, bourbon and beer to pour, and above all a collection that was something to drool over.

Fortunately for us, they were one of the brands that we were able to start Franklin & Poe with. Their aesthetic of rock ‘n roll, western, and Americana is unlike any other brand that we’ve seen. They instantly became a personal favorite of mine. I grabbed a couple tops, the Waxed Riders Jacket, and the Rios which, to this day, is one of my favorite fits of denim. 

We’re very fortunate to work with Matt and Andrew Brodrick, and the small team they’ve built over the past five years. They are committed to manufacturing in the United States and their fabric and fit have gotten better each season. The word in the industry is Freenote is crushing it out of the park right now.

As part of our brand features, we have a short interview we call the Franklin Five, starting with Freenote co-founder Andrew Brodrick.


With Andrew Brodrick of Freenote Cloth
How has Freenote Cloth evolved over the years from where you started?
AB: We have evolved by becoming more knowledgeable in development and production. We had some history in making products but there is nothing like making items from scratch in America. Styling has never wavered.
What drives how Freenote operates?
AB: Passion. Everyone at Freenote has a different personality including my brother and I but the team all has passion for the goods we produce. We all see the value in made in California and operating a small business.
This Covid crap is just a sidetrack. Can you shed some light on your goals for this year before (and after) the quarantine?
AB: Before the Corona Virus we were off and running. Finally. After 5 long years we were finally getting our act together. Now it is all about survival with a day by day approach. We make plans but every day there is something new to face.
What is your quarantine choice of liquor? 
AB: Everything is running out! Casa Migos Reposado seems to do the trick.
Do you have a message for Freenote fans?
AB: Thank you for the support! Support the local retailers and they will be around to support you and service the community. We truly hope there are positive movements that are pushed forward after this mess. Small business, local business, friendship, and most importantly lending a helping hand to those in need.