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3sixteen - 3sixteen was founded in 2003, and has evolved to become one of the premier denim-focused brands. Co-owners Andrew Chen and Johan Lam met serendipitously at a wedding, where they discovered they had similar clothing tastes. 3sixteen has a bi-coastal presence in both NY and LA. 3sixteen works with Kuroki Mills in Japan to develop denim specifically for the brand, making them one of the very few American denim brands to have custom fabric.

American Trench - When Jacob Hurwitz returned home from a family vacation in London with a classic trench coat, he wondered why nothing like that was being produced in the U.S. Thus the American Trench was born, out of his, and his partner David Neill’s desire to reinvigorate manufacturing domestically. 

Blluemade - Launched in 2016 by founders Alex Robbins and Lily Lampe who have backgrounds in philosophy, art history, and criticism. With a focus in linen and other natural materials, they have created an exceptional line of clothing for easy wear. All of their items are made in the USA and most are made in NYC's Garment District. 

Bleu de Chauffe"Mettre son bleu de chauffe" is a French expression that means to don your work jacket, or to get stuck into work. Bleu de Chauffe took this to heart, and have created modern work bags and leather goods taking inspiration from industrial 19th and 20th century France. They create pieces that are functional, durable and timelessly beautiful.

C.O.F. Studio C.O.F. Studio represents a gathering not just of his knowledge of the different parts of this industry, but also of a Circle Of Friends. With Swedish design at its heart and Italian construction holding it all together, Per and the friends of C.O.F. Studio blend simple, modern silhouettes into durable classics.

CHUPCHUP draws inspiration from indigenous tribes from around the world to create its patterns. Each intricately designed pair is created on low-gauge stocking frame machines and then hand-linked at the toes. There's nothing fast about the production of these socks, but as we say, slow is smooth.

Dehen 1920 - When Dehen started making high-quality varsity and collegiate wear in 1920, the sound of Portland, much like Philadelphia, was the tick-tacking of textile machines and the ringing of trolley bells. Since then, both cities have changed a lot, but Dehen still makes sweaters and varsity jackets just like your grandfather used to wear.

The Flat Head - “We are particular about our clothes” is their tagline and we believe it. The Flat Head has spent over 20 years making some of the most well-constructed and best-wearing Americana-inspired leather, denim, and flannels made on Japan vintage machines.

Freenote ClothThere is something to putting on a pair of selvedge denim that fit you perfectly from the start. That’s how I felt when I tried on the Rios fit. In fact, just about everything they make fits spot-on. Freenote Cloth, started in San Juan Capistrano (The O.C.) by brothers Matt and Andrew Brodrick in 2013, is creating timeless American vintage-inspired clothing with a rock-and-roll feel to it. Committed to using the highest-quality fabric and creating tailor-like fits, Freenote has continued to create standout seasonal collections in addition to their limited releases using deadstock fabric. 

Ginew - Ginew, pronounced “gih-noo”, is the only Native American owned denim line. With a focus on high-quality materials and stitching everything as close to home as possible, what has really impressed us is their attention to detail - pop up the collar or look at the lining to find intricate reinforcement stitching and real Pendleton blanket linings.

IndigoferaTaking the namesake of the core ingredient in what makes denim (and more specifically jeans) such a classic staple in everyone's wardrobe might seem ambitious, maybe even arrogant. But the guys at Indigofera are anything but. Humble, unassuming and genuine, these guys aren't just good people, they also happen to make some of the most amazing products we've ever seen, and felt. Perfectly capturing that sweet spot in denim history from the 50's and 60's, these guys have created everyday products that will work for just about anyone and everyone. Vintage inspiration meets modern fit and details. All in all, indigo is in good hands with these guys.

Iron Heart"Over-engineered is our starting point." This pretty much sums up the Iron Heart ethos. Everything they do is with purpose and intent. Through ethical manufacturing and relationships with family-run mills and workshops, Shinichi Haraki and Giles Padmore have created a brand that represents the best of "slow fashion." Beautiful, durable clothing that takes inspiration from historical workwear, but constructed to meet the demands of a modern life.

Knickerbocker - If there's a company who views American manufacturing and community-focused business the way we do, it's the Knickerbocker Manufacturing Company. Founded in 2013 by Andrew Livingston and his partners, Kyle Mosholder and Daniel Rickard Guy, Knickerbocker MFG Co. started out doing private label manufacturing, but has since grown into so much more. Continuing a generational story of manufacturing in America, Knickerbocker is committed to making some of the best products out there.

Left Field NYCQueens-based Left Field NYC is one of the OG's of the current made-in-America movement. Founder Christian McCann has roots in Philadelphia, where he grew up and cultivated his love of American vintage through flea market and thrift store shopping. Inspired by the Japanese obsession for Americana, Christian began creating vintage-inspired clothing. After a short stint at Anthropologie, Christian moved to Brooklyn, where Left Field was created in 1998 and took off. Left Field has a level of quality, consistency and attention to detail that is second to none.

Merz B. Schwanen - The Accidental Find. The humble beginnings of Merz b. Schwanen began with a random, surprising flea market find. One garment. An authentic worker's shirt from 1911 with its washed and worn-in fabric, a relic from another time, would become the the piece that Peter and Gitta Plotnicki used as inspiration for their unrivaled line of knitwear. Featuring organic cotton knit on original loopwheeler machines, Merz b. Schwanen is recreating history one garment at a time.

Mister Freedom - Founded by French expatriate Christophe Loiron, Mister Freedom has been churning out vintage inspired goodies since 2003. The patterns are all originals, and reflect the stories of fictitious characters set in a historical background resulting in a collection of clothing that is not reproduction, but rather historically plausible. 

Momotaro - Since 2006, the artisans at Momotaro denim have made their jeans “by hand without compromise” on vintage shuttle looms from Zimbabwe cotton. Their dedication to craftsmanship at every stage of the production process has produced some of the longest-lasting jeans out there.

Red Wing HeritageTalk about heritage. Red Wing Shoes have been around since 1905, hailing from Red Wing, Minnesota. Founded by Charles Beckham, Red Wing boots have been part of this country’s legacy ever since. The company has outfitted soldiers in both World Wars, and is strongly associated with the workwear aesthetic. The Red Wing Heritage line is still made in the U.S., using Goodyear welt construction that allows for the shoes to be resoled and recrafted time after time.

Samurai JeansFounded in Osaka, Japan, Samurai takes inspiration from the craftsmanship and dedication of the samurai warriors, and uses traditional Japanese dyeing and weaving techniques to create their denim. From metallic selvedge lines, beautifully slubby extra-heavyweight denim, and astounding custom hardware, Samurai makes some of the most unique jeans we carry in the shop!

Schott NYC -  A legendary American brand founded in 1913 that gained widespread recognition for creating the first motorcycle jacket, the Perfecto. Originally designed in 1928, the Perfecto is still made at their factory in Union, New Jersey, using the same techniques and high-quality full grain leather that have made it an icon of American style for over a century.

Shoes Like PotteryKurume, Japan is home to some of the best sneakers in the world. Making every pair by hand, Shoes Like Pottery create sneakers that are simple yet durable, understated yet beautiful. Using a process known as ka-ryu, the shoes are fired in a kiln for 70 minutes in a process very similar to that of Japanese Pottery. The vulcanization causes the sulfur in the natural rubber outsole to react, thereby returning the natural rubber to its original state, creating a shoe that is as flexible as it is durable.

Stevenson OverallStevenson Overall started out in Portland, Indiana and made high-quality workwear featuring flat-felled seams all throughout the 1920's and 30's. A fortuitous meeting in 2005 of Zip Stevenson - a relative of the original owner - and Atsusuke Tagaya resulted in the relaunch of the brand with the same focus on high-quality workwear. They mesh old time construction details like single needle construction and flat-felled seams with modern fits and fabrics to create clothing and accessories that pay homage to an era of manufacturing that just doesn't exist anymore.

Sugar Cane - Sugar Cane Denim's commitment to quality and attention to detail has garnered a devoted fanbase among denimheads. Their use of natural fibers (such as those from sugar cane plants) in their hard-wearing denim, combined with exacting reproduction of heritage cuts, has made the brand a favorite in the shop for those looking for something unique and timeless.

Sun Surf - A sister brand to Sugar Cane under the Toyo Industries umbrella of companies, Sun Surf creates exacting reproductions of vintage Hawaiian shirts and beach wear with jaw-dropping prints and fabrics

UES - They first caught our eye with their heavyweight flannels, but UES has continued to impress with every other item that has come through our doors. Their clothes are built to be worn hard and broken in. UES does not consider their garments finished until they are new - they only start that journey when the customer starts wearing them, and the story continues with each wear.

Upstate Stock - Upstate stock was founded over 10 years ago with the idea of making things close to home. Since then they’ve developed one of our favorite lines of gloves, scarves and beanies, made almost entirely at their studio in New York.

Viberg BootsViberg was founded in 1931 to make high quality boots to serve working folks in Canada. Three generations later, the Viberg family is still creating some of the most elegant and hard-wearing footwear we’ve seen.

Wesco Boots - For over 100 years Wesco has built a reputation making boots for Oregon’s linemen, loggers, forest firefighters, and anyone serious about durability, comfort and working hard. Their fully rebuildable boots feature a steel shank, leather insoles and midsoles, as well as double layers of leather over the foot and heel.

White's Boots - White’s Boots started in 1853 and flourished making boots for loggers, firefighters, and the forest industries. White’s Boots is true American heritage, handmaking boots with the finest materials with skill that has been passed along from generation to generation. They make both their lifestyle and work boots with the same craftsmanship in the same factory, all in Spokane, Washington.