How an American Store is Born
October 19, 2016

How an American Store is Born

We’re finally open. The website is live and we’ve opened our first pop-up space in Fishtown, Philadelphia. We’re ecstatic, euphoric, nervous and generally scared sh*tless. And loving every minute of it. It’s not just a dream for us anymore, it’s real. 

Andrew and I worked overseas together for many years doing government work (read: nerdy radio work). Back in 2008 during one of these many trips, we discovered that we both shared an affinity for menswear, particularly denim. It became routine to pour some bourbon and lose ourselves down the rabbit hole of menswear blogs. Our wives are all too familiar with behavior like this, after having been dragged from one menswear store to another. We’re fascinated by the details of slubby, indigo yarns in denim or the unique smell of Chromexcel leather. It was a natural progression for us to want to know more about these beautiful products that were still being made the way they’d always been made. Denim still woven on looms, boots still sewn by hand. Or even more surprising, old skills were now being revived by a whole new generation of makers. We were being introduced to this wonderful community of creators, artists, makers, and collaborators. A new generation of Americans taking inspiration from the history of American manufacturing and getting to work. 

This is when the idea for creating a community space that could bring all of this new creative energy together came to life. We had spent so many years in service of our country overseas, we now felt it was time to bring that same commitment back to our own communities. Our goal is to create a retail space that is far more than just a place of commerce. It’s a place where we showcase the craftsmanship, attention to detail, creativeness and sheer talent of Americans collectively, collaboratively. We want it to be a shared space to gather, learn, and converse, while being surrounded by products, each with its own independent story and history. Stories that are uniquely and solely American. 

This has been a long time coming and as excited as we are to be at this point, we also realize that we are just beginning. We are starting slow, growing the business smartly and organically, building relationships with the many companies out there who make beautiful, durable and timeless products right here in the USA. We don’t envision success through competition, rather, through collaboration. We measure our success by the relationships with the people behind our brands, and in the trust they place in us to represent them and the beautiful things they create. 

We hope that you love the products in our shop as much as we do. Each and every one was selected because we believe in its quality, its craftsmanship, and most of all, because we believe in the people behind those products. We are excited to have you on this journey with us as we rediscover American Made.

Chris & Andrew