Measuring Guide

Welcome to the Franklin & Poe Measuring Guide!

This guide will walk you through how we measure our clothing.

Please note:

  • We measure just about everything we receive and post it to each product page.
  • While we do lay our cloths flat, we do not pull or stretch the denim, shirts, pants, etc while measuring. For elastic waistbands the measurements are still flat, but we provide the potential range of stretch.
  • There may be variations in measurement depending on person measuring and how the garment is laid flat. If you are uncertain, please contact us and we will be happy to spot measure again!
  • Sometimes we receive multiple units of the same size. Measurements are generally indicative of one unit, so there may be variations between different units of the same size
  • We try to update our measurements as best as possible, sometimes we overlook a restock measurement. Again, please contact us if there are any issues or questions.


How we measure a shirt:


We measure the chest directly across from edge to edge directly under the armpit.

In this example, we come to a measurement of 20" across in the chest.


We measure the length starting at the seam where the collar meets the shoulder straight down to the longest point at the bottom hem.

This shirt measures 27.5" in length


The sleeve is measured starting at the seam where the shoulder meets the sleeve straight to the end of the cuff

The length on these sleeves measure 24"


To measure the shoulder, start at the left top outseam of where the shoulder meets the sleeve and extend straight across to the right side outseam.

In this example, we come to a measurement of 18.25" in the shoulders


How we measure denim/pants:


The waist is measured by starting at the very top left portion and measuring straight across to the right. As noted above, we do not put any tension in the waist, but if the garment is not laying completely flat we do flatten it while measuring.

Front Rise

We measure the front rise by starting at the very bottom of the crotch point and measuring straight up to the top of the front of the pants. In this photo, the front rise measures 12"


The thigh is measured immediately below the crotch point and straight across the leg. The thigh for this pair comes to 12"


Leg Opening

The leg opening is measured from one end of the very bottom of the hem to the other.


The length is measured by starting just where the crotch seam ends and following the seam to the very bottom of the leg. In this example the leg measures 30.25".

Up close of where we start the length measurement.