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$ 56.00

The AK Studio Physics necklace is quite possibly one of the coolest necklaces we've ever seen. The name kind of says it all. This solid brass lariat necklace features disc pendants, ak tag and snap clasp closure. The necklace measures 22" long and the pendant is .5".

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The AK Studio Splendor necklace is a beautiful solid brass necklace featuring a fine faceted ball chain and floating beads. The ak tag and amazing snap closure are present as well. The necklace measures 34" long.

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$ 30.00

The Craig Hill Closed Helix Keyring is a helix-shaped brass wire with turned end-caps. Simply unscrew the knurled side to add or remove keys. A daily, tiny joy right in your pocket.

$ 55.00

The Craig Hill Uniform Cuff is a foundation piece. A beautifully simple cold-formed cuff bracelet with stamped logo and square cut ends. Worn with ease by both men and women. The square bar is 3/16" thick and the cuff measures 2.5" x 2". Available in two sizes, S and L.

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The Craig Hill Wilson Keyring was originally designed by General Manufacturing Concern.  It's a beautifully simple and efficient brass keyring. The inherent strength of the brass wire creates a secure closure. Holds more keys than you will likely ever own. The brass wire measures 1/8" and the keyring measures 2" x 1.25". 

$ 49.50

We've partnered with Ebbets Field to create a baseball cap that we feel pays tribute to the heritage of American craftsmanship and sportsmanship. Whether it's Babe Ruth or Jackie Robinson, The Sandlot or Field of Dreams, baseball has been at the heart of our country for generations. Made to last for years right here in America, this cap will have you...

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$ 60.00

The Honest Alchemy handwoven silk scarf is individually hand-dyed in organic indigo right here in Philadelphia. This is a lightweight scarf made of fair-trade handwoven silk and viscose. The texture is incredible with an airy windowpane designed and tasseled ends.

$ 68.00

The Leather Works Minnesota Classic Belt is made by hand in their St. Paul studio. The belt features heavy duty construction with 8/9 oz. leather, and stitched buckle end with reinforced keeper. This will be the last belt you ever need. Rugged enough to pair with your denim, and classy enough to be dressed up. Featuring burnished edges, and an antique...