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I discovered Appointed on Kickstarter back in March of 2015 and promptly gave them all of my money. OK, maybe not all, but I wanted to. Suann Song has created the most beautiful line of desktop products and they’re made right here in our nation’s capital. I’m pretty sure George Washington would have used these notebooks. Lined, grid, blank… take your pick. If you’re anything like me, you’ll feel bad that your chicken scratch is messing up such beautiful paper.
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$ 24.00

The Appointed Brass Ruler is an essential tool that makes even the most cluttered of desks seem regal. Beautifully practical.

$ 24.00

The Appointed Notebook is the backbone and workhorse of the entire Appointed line. As beautiful as it is simple. Perfect for jotting down notes or sketching diagrams. Long hand, short hand, daily doodles or daily thoughts, this will hold it all. Grid ruling.

$ 24.00

The Appointed Workbook is an everyday, utilitarian workbook. Just as beautiful and durable as the notebook, but in a slightly smaller size and touting an interior pocket to hide your love letters. Grid ruling.