Studebaker Metals Thompson Cuff - Copper Patina

The Studebaker Metals Thompson Cuff is simple yet durable, making it a great everyday item. Made of American brass, it has a low profile, but still manages to have a gratifying heft to it. So you can wear it every day, knock it around and the cuff will still look incredible. The cuff measures 10mm wide and 3mm thick. Small: 6" wrist, Medium: 6.5" wrist, Large: 7" wrist, X-Large: 7.5" wrist.


  • 100% American Brass
  • Low profile, heavyweight form
  • Patina brushed
  • Measurements: 10mm wide, 3mm thick
  • Small: 6” wrist, Medium: 6.5” wrist, Large: 7” wrist, X-Large: 7.5” wrist

What it's made out of

American Copper

Where it's Made

Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.


Wear often.
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