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Malin + Goetz Rum Hand + Body Wash

$ 22.00
The Malin + Goetz Rum Hand + Body Wash is a foaming cleansing gel, that synthesizes their warm Dark Rum EDT with amino acid-based cleansing agents. Gently and effectively purifies and balances all skin types, unlike traditionally harsh detergents. Blended to hydrate, rinsing free of residue without irritation, drying, or stripping; helping to reduce epidermal stress. Natural color. Easily integrated into daily skincare regimen. Perfect for the body and hands.


  • Thoroughly cleanses.
  • Removes oil and grime.
  • Hydrates and soothes.
  • Refreshing Dark Rum EDT fragrance leaves hands slightly scented.

What it’s made out of

  • Natural Glycerin and protein amino acids.

Where it’s made

  • USA


  • Apply cleanser to wet hands, gently work into lather; rinse clean.  May be used as a scented shower gel or foaming bubble bath with three pumps (or as desired) under running water.

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