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Fischer Clothing

Kristina Angelozzi is literally one of the nicest and most talented human beings I know. And lucky for us, she's been sewing and creating since she was a kid. Launching her line back in 2009, she's been churning out American-style clothing right here in America ever since. Often times with her own two hands. She is dedicated to idea that clothing should be simple, functional, durable and beautiful. She believes in creating products that will stand up to time and wear and trends and become vintage in their own right.
$ 250.00

The Fischer Clothing Patchwork Denim Jumpsuit is just one of those things that makes you smile when you see it. It's fun. It's easy. And it's incredibly versatile. Wear it on its own in warmer weather or throw a big chunky sweater over the top and beat the cold. No matter how you wear it, it'll make you smile.