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Left Field NYC Charles Atlas "On the Road"- 24 oz. Nihon Menpu Kevlar Denim

$ 298.00

The Left Field Atlas jean in 24 oz. Nihon Menpu Kevlar Denim is a gentle giant among denim. Featuring the same great Charles Atlas fit that you all know and love, this denim is just begging to be taken on the road. Both the warp and weft yarns are constructed with 15% Kevlar. The Kevlar isn't just woven into the denim, the filaments are actually wrapped in cotton to keep it softer against the skin and to hide the natural yellow color of the Kevlar itself.

And if that's not enough, the denim is woven on antique shuttle looms, which means these jeans have no extra bulk and will fade and wear just like any other pair of jeans. If you ride, these are the jeans you've been waiting for. This is a true rider's jean with Kevlar protection and a fit that will be comfortable no matter how long your ride is. 

Note: This is a pre-order item. Your card will be charged at checkout and the jeans will ship mid-August!


  • 24 oz. Nihon Menpu Kevlar Denim
  • Skull logo on inside rivets and tacks
  • American made Universal hardware
  • American made bandana pocket bags
  • Foil embossed Bodine patch
  • Hidden rivets on back pocket
  • Hidden selvedge coin pocket

What it's made out of

24 oz. Nihon Menpu Kevlar denim

Where it's Made



  • Put good wear before washing. Use your favorite raw denim washing method. Hang Dry.
  • For more information: click here


  • Medium rise, roomier thigh, tapered at the knee and leg opening.


  • Sanforized denim
  • 1” of stretch after initial wear
  • 0.5” shrinking in waist and length after first wash.

Size Waist Front Rise Thigh Knee Leg Opening Length
30 30 11 11.75 7.875 7 36
31 31 11.25 12.125 8.125 7.125 36
32 32 11.5 12.325 8.25 7.125 36
33 33 11.75 12.625 8.375 7.25 36
34 34 11.875 12.875 8.5 7.25 36
35 35 12.125 13.25 8.75 7.375 36
36 36 12.25 13.625 8.875 7.5 36

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