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Denim - Straight Fit

The classic fit, made famous by Levi's 501 jeans. This fit is features a mid to high rise, typically more room in the top block and a straight leg from the knee down to the hem. Cuff 'em high and wear 'em out.
$ 275.00

The Indigofera Buck No. 9 jeans are the unicorn of the raw denim world. When fast fades and slim jeans are all the craze, these guys do the opposite and create a comfortable, high rise denim that is designed to fade slowly. The No. 9 denim is especially made for them by Nihon Menpu, the warp is dyed exceptionally dark...

$ 335.00

The IH-634S is Iron Heart's signature jean in their world famous 21oz fabric. It is quite possibly the jean against which all others are measured. The jean equivalent of the "Most Interesting Man in the World". This jean features super heavy 21oz denim that is so soft it feels much lighter because of it's loose weave. The break-in of these jeans...