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Red Wing Heritage Trunk Show at Franklin & Poe Philadelphia

Red Wing Heritage Trunk Show at Franklin & Poe Philadelphia

Before I knew anything about menswear or heritage style, I had a pair of Red Wings. In 2006 I picked up a pair of 8146 from J Crew (brown moc toe with commando soles), mainly because I thought they were awesome looking boots. I’ve always had a thing for boots. I wore the Dr. Martens I bought my senior year of high for seven years, until one day they just didn’t feel comfortable anymore. I searched far and wide for another pair of boots to replace them, before I found these Red Wings.

The Red Wings became my daily wear. They continued to look great no matter how much I beat them up. At this point in my life I was deploying overseas regularly. While other people were wearing Merrells and Keens, I wore my Red Wings. I started wearing them on every deployment across different countries and continents. These boots became the most reliable thing I owned.

Fast forward to today, and several careers later, my trusty Red Wings are still with me. More than seven years has passed since I’ve bought them, and they’re still as comfortable and durable as the day I broke them in. Next to them, are a handful of other pairs and styles of Red Wings, because this dependability has become a fascination and a passion. There is probably half a dozen more Red Wings I could stock my closet with if I could.

Red Wings are obviously near and dear to my heart, so I am proud to announce the Red Wing Trunk Show at Franklin & Poe on November 4th, 2016. Our good friend Sean from Red Wing will be there with the full line of Red Wing Heritage and Red Wing Heritage Women. We’ll be offering complimentary boot cleaning services plus Red Wing canvas tote bags with every purchase. And of course, there will be beer and music. We look forward to seeing everything there, and hopefully you find the Red Wings that will become your everyday go-to.


  • October 25, 2016
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