America First?

February 23, 2017

America First?

As a shop that sells exclusively American made goods, the recent political climate has created some challenges for us. When Andrew and I first decided to focus our shop on American made goods, we never envisioned it becoming a point of backlash or a political football. The companies we work with employ Americans from every background, faith, ethnicity, gender and orientation. Many are immigrants who came to America seeking a better life and now represent a precious minority of Americans with high level manufacturing skills. This cultural diversity is exactly what makes America so beautiful.

 We stand by that decision, and will continue to focus our shop on American made goods. But there are some changes coming. We’re going to be offering small capsule collections of brands outside the USA, who are creating products equally as wonderful. This wasn’t an easy decision for us, but it is one that we feel is right for us, for the kind of business we want to be and for the kind of community, of which we hope to be a part.

 We feel it imperative, that we not be seen as an “America First” store or a shop where “Made in the USA” is a novelty. We didn’t start this business to promote selfish nationalism or take advantage of trending political climates. We began this business because of a genuine love for the products we sell and the people behind them. We believe strongly that American made products truly are some of the best in the world. We feel that bringing select global brands into the store only serves to elevate the level of all our products and further showcase the uniqueness and beauty of American made goods.

 We also wanted to offer greater choice to our customers. Frankly, there are just some things that can’t be done in the USA from a manufacturing stand point. Not just because we don’t have the equipment or facilities anymore, but also because we don’t have the skilled workers or the institutional knowledge. So rather than ignore this small, but important category of goods, we’ve decided to bring them into the shop. We’ll offer a small selection of international brands that promote community, ethical manufacturing and living wages over profit, while still offering beautiful, durable products. All right alongside the same tried and true American brands we’ve always carried.

 We’re incredibly excited about this change and we hope you are, too. We believe the best way to celebrate America and everything she stands for, is to put her in the proper context of a global community. Not above others, but among them. Different and unique, yet equal. Her beauty ever more so, when set next to the beauty of others.


Image Courtesy of Heddels

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